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If you are an Xbox user then it is time for you to cheer. Well, you will exactly have to be a Xbox One owner to cheer because this special arrival is not for Xbox 360 or any other consoles such as PS4 or not even for PC. There was always a high demand for Fifa 16 and EA Sports decided that they will give an exclusive ten hour trial to play to the Xbox One owners. This will make PlayStation owners sad but EA Sports didn't only gave Xbox this special offer, they also made sure that they get more Xbox players in Fifa 16 and that is why they offered an exclusive discount too for the Xbox users. 



If you are a Xbox user and if you want to avail these offers then what you will have to do is really simple. Browse the games section from your Xbox live and find Fifa 16. You will see an exclusive downloadable item there. If you have already pre-ordered Fifa 16 then this download will also start automatically. If you didn't then click on that option and this ten hour long trial will start downloading. 

After you download the trial, start playing the game immediately. It is not a demo. You will be able to do everything in this trial like the original Fifa 16 game. This trial has all the menu, options and everything else except the live multi-playing feature which will be available from September 22nd. 

Another great part is that, as this is not a demo but a real game, all your data will be carry forwarded and will be added to the original game once you start to play the original one from 22nd September. This is a super cool feature which made the whole offer look something else. Imagine that when your friends will just start playing, you will already be ahead of at least one season from them. What else can you ask for?

Well, if you can't ask for more then you still have some wonders to unveil. If you finish playing the ten hour trial, you will be given a 10% discount on actual pre-order of this game which means that you can buy the regular Fifa 16 for $54 instead of $60. The discount is not that much but it definitely creates a positive vibe to the gamers' minds. 

Did you think EA Sports is done? Oh boy, you are so wrong. If you download the trial and complete it, you will receive a special discount on EA Access which will help you in playing games such as Battlefield 4, Titanfall and many more at a reduced price. 

People can now argue that EA Sports have been extra biased to Microsoft. 

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