Strike Vector Coming to Xbox One, PS4

Strike Vector Coming to Xbox One, PS4 description

Awesome Fast First Person Combat Coming To PlayStation 4, Xbox One.



A name of game is Strike Vector, that's a blazing fast combat game who was first released on PC last year, and now same game coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as Strike Vector EX, RageQuite developer of this game has announced.

"RageQuit Corporation's debut Xbox One and PS4 game has been fine tuned to provide instant feedback and tight console controls for players to light each other up amidst futuristic, industrial structures," RageQuit said on press

Also they have said "Players gear up their ships to deploy specific strategies for each mission (paired with personal, bada$$ styles) to engage in frenetic multiplayer skirmishes."

This game is setted to be released on this 2 consoles ( Xbox and PS4 ) in summer of 2015 ( probably July ) But if you want to check this game you can do it on PC.



Strike Vector cost on Steam $12 ( PC Version ) 

Details about that how much this game going to cost on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are still mystery


Strike Vector Coming to Xbox One, PS4 screenshots

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