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View some of the most spectacular migrations of animal species across the globe as you control Monarch butterflies, schools of salmon, and more on their dangerous trek. It's an arduous undertaking filled with predators and unforgiving obstacles, but one that millions of creatures make each year to ensure the survival of their species. Enjoy a fun, interactive way to learn more about these amazing animal migrations. Just choose a migration leader, collect your followers, and lead them across a perilous terrain to safety by selecting the paths. Advance to the next migratory stage if you are successful, but beware because predators become more numerous, and conditions even more dangerous as you continue. With four different species, helpful aids, rewarding achievements, and amazing facts, this is an astounding view of the world around us.

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    Ever wondered how animals behave somewhere out there in different corners of Africa, South America or Asia. I mentioned them only as the greatest herds of animals that live on our planet are located on those places. But besides their location, these places are mostly start points for some local, but also intercontinental voyages that is migrations. Like in the reality as the animals migrate from one place to another, here they will be also doing the same, but you will determine which way will they take, as the best suited route, to avoid as much predators as you can, as that is the goal of the game, and yours to fulfill, and watch out for any inconvenience that might get in your way. In the first stage you’ll be steering and controlling Monarch butterflies from Mexico to the mid-west over 4 legs (each with 4 waves) of their journey. With every leg finished, you will have a summary of points for that part of the game that you played, and the animals depend on you to draw them the right route to take, in case of butterflies to avoid bugs and birds. After finishing with the butterflies you’ll move onto Salmon, Zebra and Red Crab migrations. All play out somewhat similarly though you’ll have different predators to worry about obviously. You will need to choose a migration leader, gather your followers, and lead them across perilous terrains to safety. Personally this was my first line drawing games, so I can’t say exactly what are the similarities with the other line drawing games. But following logic, you can assume that most of these games work on the same principles. The difference is of course in the game you play, and the interface of drawing those lines but also a couple of tricks that every game implants for itself. Here, when you start drawing lines for your animals to follow, they don’t need to follow that exact path completely, as in most cases that would be a certain suicide. So there is a lot of planning with this game for future moves, but also strategies that can help you at times. These strategies mean your improvisation of the routes that are already made into new ones, more suitable depending on the situation you are in. Whether the reason is the fact that enemies have appeared on that route and you must move, or a better current of the wind has appeared that can shorten your time of travel. You’ll find a couple of levels which can be a real Childs play, while others can be pretty demanding and can get you into trouble making you to pull out your joker card. There will be a time when you won’t have any choice left but to use that card, that is the Helpers. Helpers are there to speed up your animals or to slow down the predators. These two options come quite in handy, especially after the games advances even further and the number of predators increase more and more and the surroundings becomes more helpful to the predators, but more disadvantages for the animals that you control if not fatal. But they are not the only ones as you can also use helpers to heal your wounded animals, and other things. As for the graphics of the game, people might encounter a few problems with the games resolution as it can get a bit blurry. That tends to happen in the full screen mode, while in the window mode it seems ok, but windowed mode doesn’t fell right at all, that’s at least my opinion. As for the tutorial of the game, like in many games cases this will be a disappointment to many players, as they will have to do the same old same old learn it yourself again. There is a tutorial but the descriptions are too shallow and they don’t explain most of the things you need to know about the game. This game comes in quite handy for those (especially children) who want or need to know better about the wild life, and don’t have time to watch those long documentary series about wild life and the migrations. This is much more fun, so why waste such an opportunity to learn something that you should know and still have fun doing it. Enjoy.

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