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Travel the world on an all-new adventure of jewel matching fun! Rupert and Emma are on the verge of realizing their dream to settle down and open a museum. But everything changes when their daughter, Natalie, is infected with mysterious spores while playing with a jewel board. Putting the museum's grand opening on hold, Rupert sets out on a journey around the globe to find a cure for his little girl. Help Rupert on his quest by arranging colorful game pieces into matching groups of three or more in 200 levels of perplexing puzzles. Who is sending Rupert cryptic messages about a cure and what does it all have to do with the fabled Golden Jewel Board? Discover the answers to these mysteries and more in the latest Jewel Quest epic!

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  • Jewel Quest Solitaire III

    IWin, Inc., a leading developer and publisher of online casual games launchecd this latest version of the Jewel Quest Series. Meet Ratu in this version of Jewel Quest, as he accidentally finds a magic tablet from the rubles of an ancient civilization. Emma and Rupert's friend Ratu is amazed when his beloved assistant Yumi disappears under mysterious circumstances. He takes up the challenge to trace her abductors and embarks on a thrilling adventure. You would play Ratu in the game and journey through magical faraway lands in search of exotic artifacts. A series of pattern matching or solitaire type games would need to be solved in order to finally succeed. This computer game like its predecessors follows the general rules of solitaire. You have several piles of cards and gameplay involves stacking them in descending order (King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, etc.) and alternating suits. The ultimate goal though is to transfer cards from the playfield to foundation piles, divided by suit, in ascending order. You need to plan every move strategically as they all affect the final outcome of the game. A free downloadable games like this game will give hours of fun and be a thrilling experience for the entire family. There are bonuses as well in the form of wild cards, -ray powers (letting you see what values cards lying facedown possess), deck-shuffling extras and more. Moving multiple cards to the foundation pile within a short time lets you earn more points and enables you to buy the upgrades. You can play a board of match 3 jewel board between every round of cards. There is a grid with different sized squares and sparkling jewels. You would need to swap two adjacently placed jewels to make a horizontal or vertical line of same colored stones. Once all the squares change their colors, you proceed to the next level. Another interesting new feature in this version is the Artifact room. You would have to hunt for hidden objects in the room. Once you collect them all and place them in the appropriate places, the final clue pointing to the valuable emerald is revealed. A rare combination of match 3 puzzle with hidden object gameplay, the game is thoroughly enjoyable. This video game download comes with 100 exciting levels of play and 10 stunning environments to explore complete with an equally compelling storyline.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 76

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